Hit points 1.2 million
Shield 700,000
Average Damage 4000
Base Speed 1.2 m/s
Destroy Rewards
Credits8.2 millionThellium90
Official Description
The Argon Colossus is the largest ship in the Argon fleet.

The Argon Colossus is the Carrier Class of the Argon. In its working lifespan, this ship has seen many changes. It is heavily armed with 6 cannons and replaces the previous class, which was originally built in response to rumours of a Xenon super ship uncovered by the Argon Secret Service. Because of its success, the Argon built many ships of this new class. As new technologies have been developed, these ships have undergone several major refits in recent jazuras. The flagship of the Argon carrier fleet is the Argon One stationed in Argon Prime.

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